Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY dreamcatcher

this is a photo of one of my dreamcatchers in my backyard. its been instagram-ed (my obsession) find and follow me as nathalienotw ._. 

materials: for this dream catcher i used an embroidery hoop, suede lace, embroidery thread, feathers, and gold wire. beads are optional.

wrap your suede lace around and around your embroidery hook. you can either hot glue the ends or tie them. 

this is not as tricky as it looks i promise. make a knot at the top of your embroidery hoop, than every 2 inches or so make a knot on the embroidery hoop, thats your first "row". your second row is not on your embroidery hoop, but with the actual string, weave through the gaps and knot, go all the way around til your reach the middle and tie it.through the web process you can add small beads if you'd like.


Cut suede lace to about 5 inches, at one end attach your feather with either hot glue, beads, or gold wire like shown. I personally like the touch of gold. If you use hot glue, you can just glue the stem of the feather to the end of the suede lace. Looks cool if you put beads on your string. Play around with it and find your preference! 

Attach the suede lace to the hoop with gold wire, just wrap it around the hoop and wrap the gold wire around. Hot glue is the easier way out, but I just  love the look of the gold wire. 

thug life! your dreamcatchaaaaa! i hung mine over my bed to catch my nightmares! but you can hang them anywhere and everywhere! they make great inexpensive gifts! give someone you love a rad Christmas gift! hope you all enjoyed!
 Nathie xoxo