Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY mustache glasses 
saw these rad mustache glasses at urban outfitters, except they were sunglasses, costing $8. so i decided to make some! they are fun and make great props! i didn't spend any money making them (i always save my 3-D glasses) and the kids love rocking them, too!
materials: 3-D glasses! tape, hemp, a sharpie, hot glue gun, scissors, and a glue stick which i totally forgot to include in this picture! Optional: small piece of black felt.
1. draw your mustache on regular white printing paper. if you need help drawing your mustache you can find mustache templates online. below i provide my favorite mustache template, which you can print. 
2. with a thicker sharpie fill it in. you can paint them if you'd like, or use black paper. 
3. i traced many, i used to mustaches per glasses. i put them back to back for a thicker mustache. 
4. cut out your mustaches! 
glue stick two mustaches back to back, i did this to have a hardier mustache. you can use thicker paper if you'd like, or you can choose to just use one paper mustache, instead of two. at this point, sharpie over any white spots you see from the backs of mustaches. cut any excess. 
tape your mustache. this is our cheap version of laminating. make sure you run your finger over the tape to eliminate any bumps or air pockets. cut away the excess tape, than sharpie over the tape, so that its a nice and bright black mustache. (tape can make it really matte)
1. cut your hemp to about one inch. you will need two one inch pieces of hemp per 3-D glasses. 
2. cut two tiny pieces of black felt, you don't want them to show over the glasses. 
3. hot glue one tip of your hemp to the bottom inside of your 3-D glasses. hot glue your dot of black felt over it for a bit more security. 
4. cut any black felt that you can see over your glasses. having black felt over the hemp will also eliminate the hemp edges rubbing against your skin, it creates a softer feeling. 
1. put your glasses on and with your finger measure how much room you need between your glasses and the mustache. make a hot glue line down your mustache and attach your hemp. 
2. attach a piece of black felt over the hemp for more security. 
3. cut off the hemp that is hanging down your mustache. 

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