Sunday, April 22, 2012

framed fabric DIY

This past week my roommate moved back home to Texas, leaving me with a room all to myself! What does that mean!? DECOR. TIME!! So I did a very simple, but cute DIY for some wall art! Put em' favorite fabric to the use!
You will need scissors, any size embroidery hoop, cute fabric, and a hot glue gun. 
tighten your hoops over and under your fabric. 
Cut your fabric to about half an inch around your embroidery hoop. 
Hot glue gun your fabric down to your inner hoop as taught as you can...
and all the way around! And you got yourselves a cute new hanging piece! 
:0) enjoy! xoxo 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Week in Instagram Shots

Photoshoot fun with good friends, home decor, healthy food and playing dress up.. the usual. 

Hi lovelies! Spruce up your wall with an easy garland! So cute and easy! The trick is getting the right fabric! 
Pick vintage fabrics, which you can buy at thrift stores for ridiculously low prices and cute them into flags, using one as a template. 
I am absolutely obsessed with the apples fabric! I which I could have more of it to make a cutsie dress out of it! Its so school-girlish ..
Then you'll need some yarn, (length depends on you, how long you want it, or how wide your wall is).. and a yarn needle. 
Than make some stitched across the tops of your flags, with about half an inch to an inch of space in between..
tah-dah! I put mine above my closet :0) i love it, so... 

enjoy! xoxo

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Short Story: My Weekend

I have been in love with front tie shirts lately, I don't remember the last time that I saw a girl where one, which is why I think I like them so much, they're not typical. Vintage and cute! 
I went to get my feet tattooed by my friend Patrick. He's a boss. 
Left foot: Paper Airplane. Right foot: Kite 
I don't think I can go a day without going to some sort of thrift store or yard sale. Im obsessed with the feeling of finding treasures. 
A nice lil' treat to celebrate an amazing day. Circus Cookies Ice Cream from Rite Aid. 

I thrifted this amazing knitted scalloped sweater, and umm.. im obsessed with it. it's so comfortable and toasty! 
I pretty much worked all day, and after work I babysat the cutest kids in Redding! I have so much with these kiddos! 
We baked cookies and read books. 
He does the darnest things :0} 

There is nothing like clean and simple eyeliner! Unfortunately, I couldn't go to church because I had to work but, it was a fun day indeed. 
I received a gift from my good friend Sarah! A blouse and a couple of pairs of socks from Forever21, and a cute shade of green nail polish. :0) 
Had a late lunch with my good friends, we walked to our secret secluded spot.. 
Wearing the blouse I recieved a couple hours prior, I love is so much I couldn't wait to put it on and flaunt the hell out of it! 
Celebrating once again, our amazing life is due for a celebration. SPRINKLES MCGEE!!! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Mixing Decades 50's & 70's

Mixing Decades [ 60's + 70's ]

Hi dolls :0) , so this week I realized that I love ALL decades of vintage fashion, and when I go thrifting, I buy anything vintage that is cute, no matter what decade it is from. My closet is mixed of different decades and I have been playing around with pieces from each era to complement each other instead of making a huge contrast. So I decided to share a Polyvore with you all of what I mean. The pants and clogs are totally 70's. While the accessories lean more towards the 50's...
And I think we can all agree that red lipstick is truly timeless ;0) 

Hope you all start playing around with some pieces in your closet and bring those eras back to life TODAY! xoxo, Nathie 

Friday, April 13, 2012

Retro Summer

Retro Summer

Hi Lovelies! Today, in my small town, it rained :0l ..also, I am sick and ALL my friends left to L.A. while I am stuck here working! I know, THEE AGONY! My spirit is a bit withered, BUT this rainy weather has gotten me so excited for Summer! So I made a Polyvore of what my Summer will look like :0)