Friday, August 31, 2012

TGIF! Nail Inspiration

All these photos you are about to see are taken from Pinterest, I do not own them. Please do not sue me. Thank you. 

oooohhh glitter! 

Stripes and floral done right. 
Similar to the mani above, just with more variety. 

Zig Zags are hip!

Fancy Feathers! 

This one is totally my style! I love gingerbread men! Sexy!

I don't like real grapefruit but I do like it on nails! 

Another fancy one! Pale and Glitt! 

From the shinny fingers I think this mani was done by the amazing WAH girls! HEARTS!

Love me! Not desperate at all! 

Peppermint! LOVE! I am so doing this one! 


Back to School Nails! 

Funny Bunny! 

Straight up 80's!! 
Valentine Candy on le' Nails!! YUP!

and my favorite! OUTLINED NAILS!!!! This is up and coming! Simple and awesome! 

A-Ha - Take On Me **I can listen to this song FOREVER!**

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Locks that Rock : Pastel Tresses

Flippin' Perf!

So Shiny! 
 Long wavy pastel pink.
She looks like Gaga

Im lovin' her makeup just as much as her cool ass hair!
 Blendin' into the wall! NOT!
Im feelin' the roots!
 Mole. On. Her. Face.
 Why decide on one color when you can get all of em'?
 Purple with light pink Ombre! 
And my favorite.. 

Who knows! I might actually build up the courage myself and try it out!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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