Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Panda Lovin' Nails DIY

The cutest nails are also the simplest!
I figured a picture of a real panda was necessary for this post :0) 
Paint  3/4 of your nails white, with a rounded top. Apply two coats.
I highly recommend making this tool for perfect pandas, this tool will SO come in handy in the nail painting part of your life! here is a link for the DIY from the girls over at The Beauty Department 
With the tip of your pencil (the writing tip), make a little black dot. This will be the panda's nose, God forbid they can't breathe! 
Than with your cool new dotting tool, make two black dots where your white ends. These will be your panda's ears, because we want your pandas to be able to hear you typing and texting! 
Than make eyes for your little pandas by dotting black right underneath them ears :0)
Than with the writing tip of your pencil, dot white in the black.
Now the final touches are all up to you! You can either dot black with the writing tip of your pencil to detail the eye like my ring finger panda in the photo above :0) on two of my pandas you can see that I put rosey cheeks on them with a very light pink nail polish, also using the cool dotting tool :0) 

I hope you all enjoyed this lil' tutorial and have fun with your pandas!! Feel free to name them like me. I have Francis, Joanie (mad men), Dexter (dexter), Lucy, and Maria. 

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  1. Absolutely love this! When I saw the tutorial photo on Instagram I thought that I had to draw the circle perfectly... turns out it's a dot! You made it look so perfect! Thanks so much for the tutorial, lovely! :)