Friday, December 23, 2011

DIY snowman cupcakes (so sorry for the delay instagrammers) 
aren't these just the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen!? these holiday sweets are simple and adorable! 
besides your cupcakes, you need marshmallows, frosting, food coloring/color frosting, zip lock bags, and icing tips. 
cut a tip of your ziplock bag and put your frosting tip through it. than you can put your frosting through it to decorate. i used red frosting and dark green frosting. you can buy frosting already colored. 
each snowman is two marshmallows on top of each other, the top (head) is just cut 1/4 way down, with frosting in between them to keep them stuck together. 
with the tip of a butterknife rub some red frosting on the face marshmallow for blush. around the neck of your snowman add a scarf! dont use red like me, it kind of looks like hes bleeding (scary). use colors like blue or green. with a small tip and dark/or black frosting make your snowman's face and buttons, i added arms, you cut put pretzels as arms. 
add to the middle of your cupcake a there you have it! thee cutest Christmas cupcakes!!!
make many! they go by FAST! 
my friend devouring poor mr.snowman 

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY fabric flower / hair accessory/ brooch  
this adorable fabric flower is easy to make and can adorn many things! manipulation has never been so cute, FABRIC MANIPULATIONS THAT IS! <----extremely cheesy joke! 
to make this you will need fabric, thread, needle, hot glue, scissors, and a hair clip or brooch. 
first, i cut my fabric into many squares. than i cut those squares into circles (like a pie). fold your circle in half (like a taco). than fold it in half again (like a pizza). all this food talk is making hungry! 
once you have it folded like a pizza, cut the top part into like a heart, so that when you open it, it looks like a four-leaf clover. than fold it all over again but this time with the pedals not aligned. so that it's not so uniform, and more fluffy instead! than sew the tip of your flower/pizza/whatever to.....
a small circle of felt! repeat these steps, covering first the outer edge of your felt circle, working your way to the middle. in the middle you want to just play with it and make sure you dont have felt showing through. than, hot glue one side of your clip to the back of your fabric flower. than cut another circled piece of felt (exactly like the first one) and hot glue it on top of the clip that was hot glued, so that its in between your clip. this will add security and durability, so that this adorable accessory can last you all your lovely days! 

P.S. if you would like to make this into a brooch, just hot glue a brooch pin to the back of your felt. if you would like to make this fabric flower bigger or smaller, just make the circles you cut out in the beginning bigger or smaller! enjoy! xoxo
DIY fabric rosette 
these fabric rosettes are so pretty and easy! they are a perfect way to decorate or accessorize something, and they take practically no time to make! 
you are going to need felt, a long strip of fabric, a hot glue gun, and scissors. 
hot glue one end of your fabric strip to your felt. begin to twist your fabric and hot glue to your felt. the tighter you twist your fabric, the smaller your rosette. once you've reached the size of rosette you desired, hot glue the end of your fabric to the felt. 
than cut your felt around your rosette, making sure that you cant see any felt on the sides. i grabbed a headband and hot glued it to the back of my rosette. than cut out another piece of felt and  hot glue it on top of your headband and back of your rosette, this will add security to your pretty headband, so that like love, it will last forever! 
P.S. these make great gifts for the holidays! as stocking stuffers or as a little pretty accessory for yourself! enjoy! xoxo 

Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY gift tags 
the season of giving is here! we all know that the holidays can get pricey, so why not save here and there with handmade tags! they are a beautiful detail to any gift, make your loved ones feel even more special with the thought of putting your time into their gift! 
i simply grabbed white printing paper and stamped "Sweet Song Bird" onto it. i love this stamp, michael's has one dollar stamps by the check out stands. and if you don't have an ink pad, you can use black paint, just rinse it after you use it, to preserve your stamps. then write a note from your heart. i used a music sheet i had from choir. you can also find some online. 
cut your music sheet in the same shape as your tag but with a decent rim around, to show the music notes. with a hole puncher, punch a hole at the top of your tag, to put your yarn or ribbon through it! 
a cute and simple idea is to grab a plastic leaf and attach it to your yarn or ribbon. you can use a real leaf and simply hot glue it to your wrapping paper, or in my case, paper bags from trader joe's. my friends loved the wrapping so much they didn't even want to open their gift to not destroy it! hope this was helpful!


Sunday, December 18, 2011

piiccchaa day!!!
my beautiful models, Delina and Joey. modeling the mustache glasses! (note: if your making them for kids, make sure to have shorter strings between the glasses and the mustache. i made them to fit an adult, explaining why the mustache is on Delina's lips instead of above them .-. )
she is brilliant, i know. 
i have thee best nephews in the world, so fun to hang out with. time flies when im with them! taking advantage of my last couple weeks home before I migrate. :c
they refused to take them off. they rolled down the windows and with a serious face were staring at people in other cars ha! ha! 
1. OH! A TOY! :D 
4. MOVING ON ._. " i know this is a kid's meal, but the fries are too small. so disappointed." 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY tissue paper pom poms 
sweet paper pom poms are cute and super easy to make! they make decorating easy! 
all you need is tissue paper in your choice of colors, scissors, and strings or yarn. (you might need tape if your rip your tissue .-. ...just throwing that out there) 
fold your tissue paper and cut them into squares. the bigger the square, the bigger the pom pom. 
for one pom pom, you need at least 8 squares of tissue paper. 
stack your tissue paper into a pile, and fold as if you were making a fan. like an accordion.
fold them so they zig zag like this. 
tie your string/yarn half way down your tissue paper. 
cut both ends of your tissue paper. you can either cut it to be round, or pointy. both are adorable!! 
save the excess of what you cut off! you can save them and use them to stuff your gift boxes! 
see! adorable shreds to fill in your gift boxes/christmas gifts ...anyways, back to the tutorial... 
now separate each tissue paper on both sides! fluff them out! 
you can hang them from your ceiling  
you can make small ones and tie them to yarn to make an adorable garland! <3
i <3 owls
or, you can put them on top of gifts! i used paper bags (from the grocery store) as wrapping paper, white yarn and my pom poms! i used white copy paper as my tags and used cute stamps to personalize! 

P.S. you can make pom poms with many colors of tissue paper, play with it and discovery what you love! staying in season, choose christmas colored tissue paper and make them to be adorable christmas ornaments! (keep away from heat, just in case .-. ) hope you enjoyed this DIY... xoxo

Monday, December 12, 2011

DIY mustache glasses 
saw these rad mustache glasses at urban outfitters, except they were sunglasses, costing $8. so i decided to make some! they are fun and make great props! i didn't spend any money making them (i always save my 3-D glasses) and the kids love rocking them, too!
materials: 3-D glasses! tape, hemp, a sharpie, hot glue gun, scissors, and a glue stick which i totally forgot to include in this picture! Optional: small piece of black felt.
1. draw your mustache on regular white printing paper. if you need help drawing your mustache you can find mustache templates online. below i provide my favorite mustache template, which you can print. 
2. with a thicker sharpie fill it in. you can paint them if you'd like, or use black paper. 
3. i traced many, i used to mustaches per glasses. i put them back to back for a thicker mustache. 
4. cut out your mustaches! 
glue stick two mustaches back to back, i did this to have a hardier mustache. you can use thicker paper if you'd like, or you can choose to just use one paper mustache, instead of two. at this point, sharpie over any white spots you see from the backs of mustaches. cut any excess. 
tape your mustache. this is our cheap version of laminating. make sure you run your finger over the tape to eliminate any bumps or air pockets. cut away the excess tape, than sharpie over the tape, so that its a nice and bright black mustache. (tape can make it really matte)
1. cut your hemp to about one inch. you will need two one inch pieces of hemp per 3-D glasses. 
2. cut two tiny pieces of black felt, you don't want them to show over the glasses. 
3. hot glue one tip of your hemp to the bottom inside of your 3-D glasses. hot glue your dot of black felt over it for a bit more security. 
4. cut any black felt that you can see over your glasses. having black felt over the hemp will also eliminate the hemp edges rubbing against your skin, it creates a softer feeling. 
1. put your glasses on and with your finger measure how much room you need between your glasses and the mustache. make a hot glue line down your mustache and attach your hemp. 
2. attach a piece of black felt over the hemp for more security. 
3. cut off the hemp that is hanging down your mustache.