Wednesday, December 14, 2011

DIY tissue paper pom poms 
sweet paper pom poms are cute and super easy to make! they make decorating easy! 
all you need is tissue paper in your choice of colors, scissors, and strings or yarn. (you might need tape if your rip your tissue .-. ...just throwing that out there) 
fold your tissue paper and cut them into squares. the bigger the square, the bigger the pom pom. 
for one pom pom, you need at least 8 squares of tissue paper. 
stack your tissue paper into a pile, and fold as if you were making a fan. like an accordion.
fold them so they zig zag like this. 
tie your string/yarn half way down your tissue paper. 
cut both ends of your tissue paper. you can either cut it to be round, or pointy. both are adorable!! 
save the excess of what you cut off! you can save them and use them to stuff your gift boxes! 
see! adorable shreds to fill in your gift boxes/christmas gifts ...anyways, back to the tutorial... 
now separate each tissue paper on both sides! fluff them out! 
you can hang them from your ceiling  
you can make small ones and tie them to yarn to make an adorable garland! <3
i <3 owls
or, you can put them on top of gifts! i used paper bags (from the grocery store) as wrapping paper, white yarn and my pom poms! i used white copy paper as my tags and used cute stamps to personalize! 

P.S. you can make pom poms with many colors of tissue paper, play with it and discovery what you love! staying in season, choose christmas colored tissue paper and make them to be adorable christmas ornaments! (keep away from heat, just in case .-. ) hope you enjoyed this DIY... xoxo

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