Friday, December 9, 2011

DIY pinwheels
easy peasy pumpkin squeezy, felt pinwheels hanging from a wreath! make this cute wreath chandelier with the wreath left over after Christmas, put that little twig circle to good use! 
trace your circle with a bowl or a embroidery hoop. do this to two different colored felt, two felt circles per pinwheel. 
cut out your circles from your felt. i chose these colors because i ran out of felt, but there are so many color combinations that would look adorable for pinwheels! i seriously need to stoke up ._.
cut four slits on both of your circles. do not cut all the way to the center. than fold one corner of your pedal and hot glue in the center. 
it should look something like this once you've hot glued all four pedals. 
hot glue a button or pearl in the middle of of your pinwheel for detail ._. 

P.S. you can make mini ones and hot glue them to a short stick and stick them in cupcakes. hot glue a longer stick and use them for props at a photo-shoot, or as decorations at a party. they would even look cute as a hair accessory. have fun. xoxo

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