Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Try on your dress, and with a safety pin, pin where you want your dress to end. Take off your dress and measure it from the end of your dress to where you want it to end. With a marker or fabric chalk, draw a line all around measuring what you want to cut off. Than about half an inch below, draw another line. 

You should have two lines. The reason why you want to lines, is for seam allowance. The top line is where your dress with end, and the strip of fabric below the top line will be sewed underneath.

Cut the bottom line all around your dress :0) 

Should end up like this. :0) 

Save the rest of the fabric! You can make ton of cute things using scraps! Like bows, headbands and fabric flowers! 

Get thread that matches your dress color! Same color thread means you wont be able to see it and it will have a clean cut look! 

I found a video that teaches wonderfully how to hem. This technique is very fast and ensures your hem to last! <3 :0) 
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