Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bows DIY

Cut out a piece of fabric :0) Make sure that the width is more than the length. 
Fold it like a taco, and sew along the edges. I used white thread to make it easier to see but use thread matching your fabric. 
Fold both ends to meet in the middle. Sew them in the middle. 
Than pull your thread, this will scrunch your bow. :0) 
Than , cut a stripe of fabric. This will go over the middle to make it look nice and tidy. 
Sew the ends of the stripe of fabric together in the back. 
                                       BIPITY-BOPITY BOW!!!!! 

P.S. Use a lighter to stop the fabric/ribbon from fraying. 

P.P.S. You can hot glue these bows to headbands, hair pins, shoes. Or sew them onto clothes!! There is a thousand and one things you can do with them, they'll make anything look adorable! Have fun, xo! 

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