Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Outfits Guide! 
Red Fox Spring Outfits

Ello friends! Last Spring Outfits were of skirts and tops, today it consists of one key piece (yellow shorts) and different tops. You can make the cutest outfits with one solid and bright piece, matching it with softer colored tops. Than I added some fun accessories that play along with your Spring attire. 
Accessories: Yes, that is a picnic basket. I know what you must be thinking...but I actually parade a picnic basket as a purse. Everyone and their grandmother compliments me on my vintage picnic basket. It has tons of space inside for your belongings. :0) And don't forget your Polaroid camera! Capture every amazing moment in your bright life! You can find Polaroid, or vintage cameras at Thrift Stores for amazing prices! 
                                          Enjoy! xoxo 

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