Thursday, August 30, 2012

Locks that Rock : Pastel Tresses

Flippin' Perf!

So Shiny! 
 Long wavy pastel pink.
She looks like Gaga

Im lovin' her makeup just as much as her cool ass hair!
 Blendin' into the wall! NOT!
Im feelin' the roots!
 Mole. On. Her. Face.
 Why decide on one color when you can get all of em'?
 Purple with light pink Ombre! 
And my favorite.. 

Who knows! I might actually build up the courage myself and try it out!


  1. I love this style. If I hadn't worked so hard to get my hair this shade of red, I would totally try some pastels!

  2. I love the two hair colors with the captions "Fancy" and "Periwinkle"! I had purple hair last year, and I kind of want to do a pinky purple sometime soon!