Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY infinite scarf 

love this comfy soft warm infinite scarf, goes with most outfits and keeps you warm while keeping you in style. 
all you need is yarn in your choice of color, crochet hook and possibly scissors. I chose my favorite yarn lion brand in washington denim, 6, super bulky. and my crochet hook is size Q, 19mm. having thicker yarn and a thick needle makes crocheting this scarf go by fast. which is good if your making them as a christmas gift. you still have time!

start with your slip knot. chain 50. single crochet your first bundle.

this is what you should have by the time you finish your first bundle. ._. 

continue with your second bundle. just tie the two ends together with a knot and cutting away the excess string, and continue crocheting.

crochet the two ends together so that the scarf can be in a circle. and tah dah! hope you enjoyed this how to! rock them scarfs! xoxo 

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