Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY ornament

cute felt flowers ornament for christmas. it would look adorable hanging around the house throughout the year as well. very easy to do and fun to get the kids involved in crafts!  scroll down for the how to, enjoy! 

to make the felt flowers ornament you will need a styrofoam ball, different colored felt cut into squares, glue gun, scissors, a button, yarn. // glue sticks, yarn needle. 

i stabbed through my styrofoam ball with a knitting needle and put my string through and with my yarn needle put my yarn through the button holes. and on the other side i tied it about 2-3 inches away from the styrofoam ball for room to hang from your tree.

this is how you will cut your felt square. you can cut the four angled edges if you like,i did for a rounder effect. from the outer corner you will start rolling it til' you reach the middle, hot gluing a dot here and there for security. the end of the felt swirl is for the bottom of the rose. 

after making the felt roses you just glue them to your styrofoam ball until you cover it completely and hang them on your tree or from your chimney. and after the holidays you can hang them on door knobs. if you make several of them you can attach them to a long string or yarn and hand them from your ceiling, for a cool water drop effect! hope you enjoyed! xoxo

P.S. the possibilities are endless when it comes to felt flowers, you can make them into a garland, earrings, use them to decor headbands, make them into a ring, on top of flats, and the list goes on...   ._. 

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