Wednesday, December 7, 2011

DIY mushroom
i know this is totally random, but thats what i love about mushrooms, they're cute and random and weird and some, even dangerous....thug life ._. very easy! enjoy!

all you will need to make these adorable mushrooms is a thin marker, this will act as your stamp to make the white dots on your mushroom tops. paint in white, red, and brown. and a cork with a top. you can hot glue any top on your cork if you don't have something similar. 

paint the corks brown, this is the stem of your mushroom. i suggest letting them completely dry before moving on.

you guessed it! paint the tops red! Let those guys fully dry as well, you don't want your dots to be light pink! and you don't want red paint all over your hands!

dip your thin marker into your paint and stamp your mushrooms! if you have trouble, just grab a very thin brush and smooth out the edges..if your white is too transparent, wait til' they dry and go for a second coat.

hope you enjoyed this mini DIY! you can add "grass" by folding a short piece of green yarn and hot gluing it to the bottom of your stem! i hot glued one of my mushrooms on top of my dreamcatcher! get creative with these little guys! enjoy! xoxo

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