Tuesday, December 6, 2011

DIY dreamcatcher necklace

Hello! rock out your own dreamcatcher necklace! say no to bad daydreams in style! 

what you need to make it is a small circle, i found mine in my patio? beads, feathers, white string (i ran out so i used white yarn), brown hemp to cover your circle, you can also use yarn, string, or suede lace to cover your circle in your preference of color. hot glue and scissors like in most DIYs. 

P.S. I forgot to mention you need some yarn for your necklace. there i mentioned it. 

start off with making a loop, keep that loop loose so you can loop your necklace (yarn) through it later. while you are wrapping your hemp, hot glue a dot here and there to keep it from unraveling. when you've made your way around, just knot and hot glue a dot for security. 

make your web with white string or yarn. i show a bit more on a previous dreamcatcher DIY. very simple i promise. 

loop your necklace through the hoop you made earlier. you can also use suede lace instead of yarn. 

cut 3-4 pieces of hemp, five inches each. these will be your "danglies" tie them to the bottom of your circle. double knot ._.
i flippin love these beads! anyways, slip your bead through your danglies...

this is the part where you want to be a little speedy, (you dont want the hot glue to dry on ya)... attach your feather to the string with a dot or two of hot glue, quickly run your bead over the stem of your feather. so that inside of your bead you have the stem of your feather, hot glue, and string. pretty secure. cut the excess string. 

this dreamcatcher necklace would make a rad christmas gift! you still have time to give out handmade gifts for the holidays! hope y'all enjoyed this DIY! xoxo

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