Friday, December 23, 2011

DIY snowman cupcakes (so sorry for the delay instagrammers) 
aren't these just the cutest cupcakes you've ever seen!? these holiday sweets are simple and adorable! 
besides your cupcakes, you need marshmallows, frosting, food coloring/color frosting, zip lock bags, and icing tips. 
cut a tip of your ziplock bag and put your frosting tip through it. than you can put your frosting through it to decorate. i used red frosting and dark green frosting. you can buy frosting already colored. 
each snowman is two marshmallows on top of each other, the top (head) is just cut 1/4 way down, with frosting in between them to keep them stuck together. 
with the tip of a butterknife rub some red frosting on the face marshmallow for blush. around the neck of your snowman add a scarf! dont use red like me, it kind of looks like hes bleeding (scary). use colors like blue or green. with a small tip and dark/or black frosting make your snowman's face and buttons, i added arms, you cut put pretzels as arms. 
add to the middle of your cupcake a there you have it! thee cutest Christmas cupcakes!!!
make many! they go by FAST! 
my friend devouring poor mr.snowman 

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