Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY fabric flower / hair accessory/ brooch  
this adorable fabric flower is easy to make and can adorn many things! manipulation has never been so cute, FABRIC MANIPULATIONS THAT IS! <----extremely cheesy joke! 
to make this you will need fabric, thread, needle, hot glue, scissors, and a hair clip or brooch. 
first, i cut my fabric into many squares. than i cut those squares into circles (like a pie). fold your circle in half (like a taco). than fold it in half again (like a pizza). all this food talk is making hungry! 
once you have it folded like a pizza, cut the top part into like a heart, so that when you open it, it looks like a four-leaf clover. than fold it all over again but this time with the pedals not aligned. so that it's not so uniform, and more fluffy instead! than sew the tip of your flower/pizza/whatever to.....
a small circle of felt! repeat these steps, covering first the outer edge of your felt circle, working your way to the middle. in the middle you want to just play with it and make sure you dont have felt showing through. than, hot glue one side of your clip to the back of your fabric flower. than cut another circled piece of felt (exactly like the first one) and hot glue it on top of the clip that was hot glued, so that its in between your clip. this will add security and durability, so that this adorable accessory can last you all your lovely days! 

P.S. if you would like to make this into a brooch, just hot glue a brooch pin to the back of your felt. if you would like to make this fabric flower bigger or smaller, just make the circles you cut out in the beginning bigger or smaller! enjoy! xoxo

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