Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hi lovelies! Spruce up your wall with an easy garland! So cute and easy! The trick is getting the right fabric! 
Pick vintage fabrics, which you can buy at thrift stores for ridiculously low prices and cute them into flags, using one as a template. 
I am absolutely obsessed with the apples fabric! I which I could have more of it to make a cutsie dress out of it! Its so school-girlish ..
Then you'll need some yarn, (length depends on you, how long you want it, or how wide your wall is).. and a yarn needle. 
Than make some stitched across the tops of your flags, with about half an inch to an inch of space in between..
tah-dah! I put mine above my closet :0) i love it, so... 

enjoy! xoxo

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