Saturday, December 3, 2011

DIY brooches 
these brooches are adorable and very easy to make. they make cute stocking stuffers  and are a lovely accessory for a plain outfit. 

to make these small creations you will need felt sheets in an assortment of colors, a pair of scissors, pins, and a hot glue gun. 
cut your square shaped felt sheet with a swirl in the middle of it like this. from the outer end of the swirl start rolling it til' you reach the middle, hot gluing a dot here and there. the center of the swirl will be for the bottom of the rose. cut the squared edges for a rounder effect if you'd like. 
cut a green felt sheet in the shape of a leaf. hot glue your leaf to the bottom of the rose. than hot glue your pin on top of the leaf.
there you have it folks! felt flowers brooches! enjoy! xoxo

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