Sunday, December 4, 2011

DIY decorate jars // candles 

all you need is mod podge, your glass candles or jars, a brush, paper or newspaper. i used magazine cut outs! you can also personalize them by stamping on quotes or figures!

i found these cute little jars at the thrift store and wanted to spice them up a little bit! mason jars, candles would be great to do, too! 

i cut these little hearts out of magazines. get creative, you can cut out letters out of a magazine to spell something, you can cover them completely with newspaper or add pictures! (remember, it must be paper, not photo paper).
with your brush, brush on some mod podge on the back of your image. just a thin layer. 

place your image on you glass after brushing on a thin layer of mod podge. run your finger over to remove bumps, or air pockets. 

repeat if your layering! just a thin layer! 

 the mod podge will dry clear. and there you have if folks! personalized glass! get creative with mason jars! personalized drinking jars would be a cute christmas gift! hope you enjoyed!
candles <3

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