Monday, December 5, 2011

DIY feather earring hair extension 

make your feather earring hair extensions! very inexpensive and would make great christmas presents for your girlfriends! 
to make them you need feathers, needle nose pliers which are like five bucks at walmart. beads, i love how gold beads look but i ran out so i had to use these, thug life. earings, two dollars at michaels. o's, also two dollars at michaels. gold wire. suede lace, five dollars at michaels. scissors and your creativity! <- cheesy pick up line. 
to cut your suede lace i'de measure to the length of your hair and double it (to have two strands hanging).

open up your o with your needle nose pliers. dont use too much strength superperson, you dont want to ruin your o by opening it too much. 

P.S. you can find the o's and the needle nose pliers in the jewelry making section at michaels, or the craft section at wallyworld. i can never spell jewelry right. 

put your earring through the o and close your o with your needle nose pliers. make sure to close it nice and tight so that your earring doesnt slip through any gap while your running through a wheat field.

put your suede lace through your o ._. 

tie a knot, keep in mind that you want to have one suede lace hanging farther down the other to add, dimension? so dont tie them keeping them at the same length cuz than you have to cut one and that just wastes suede lace. 

put yo beads through! 

P.S. i really hate these beads. there pretty tribal and cool but feather earring hair extensions look much cooler with gold beads, but I ran out. you gotta work with what ya got, right? thug life. 

grab the end of your suede lace and attach it to the stem of your feather by wrapping your gold wire around it. the gold looks awesome, and keeps it pretty secure! you can wrap your gold wire with your needle nose pliers, or with your bare hands like a beast! 

mmmm....thats it! hope you enjoyed this DIY! now rock yo hair earring extension feather thingy! to make this a clip, just hot glue your suede lace to a peice of felt and glue that to a clip. cut your felt to a cute leaf or a heart!  xoxo

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