Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY gift tags 
the season of giving is here! we all know that the holidays can get pricey, so why not save here and there with handmade tags! they are a beautiful detail to any gift, make your loved ones feel even more special with the thought of putting your time into their gift! 
i simply grabbed white printing paper and stamped "Sweet Song Bird" onto it. i love this stamp, michael's has one dollar stamps by the check out stands. and if you don't have an ink pad, you can use black paint, just rinse it after you use it, to preserve your stamps. then write a note from your heart. i used a music sheet i had from choir. you can also find some online. 
cut your music sheet in the same shape as your tag but with a decent rim around, to show the music notes. with a hole puncher, punch a hole at the top of your tag, to put your yarn or ribbon through it! 
a cute and simple idea is to grab a plastic leaf and attach it to your yarn or ribbon. you can use a real leaf and simply hot glue it to your wrapping paper, or in my case, paper bags from trader joe's. my friends loved the wrapping so much they didn't even want to open their gift to not destroy it! hope this was helpful!


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