Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Nails: Cupcakes
Today I gave my bestie a mani while we watched New Girl! This Spring, its all about color and pop! Nothing tackles that better than cupcakes! Enjoy lovlies 
I used: NYC 131 Big Apple Red Creme, SinfulColors Pro light pink, Sally Hansen 520 Shrimply Devine, SinfulColors Pro 1 Snow me White. And I don't know the name for this blue green nail polish :0) 
one: paint the tips hot pink :0)
two: paint stripes of light pink with the tip of the brush :} 
three: paint a white cloud on top, doesn't need to be perfect :D 
four: paint sprinkles of different colors with their brush :[o
Finally, paint a cherry. Just a simple red dot to top it off with yummy goodness. 

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